Be Curious. 

If you know Daniel Kwan, you'll know that he holds a wealth of random knowledge: ranging from gaming, to lore, to archaeology, to all things pizza. Ask him for a fun fact. I dare you.

Based in Toronto, Curiosity in Focus emerged as a way to capture the conversations Daniel has when learning about and from really interesting people. Short and simply, it's a record of conversations that Daniel finds really freaking cool. 

He's curious about the world, and is looking to find order in the intellectual chaos surrounding him. Listen bi-weekly as he tackles the unknown – but definitely cool – world we live in. From computer hackers to witch craft, anything and everything is possible.

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Daniel H. Kwan
Host / Editor

Multimedia storyteller, creative producer, scientist, and teacher: Daniel is a museum professional, game designer, and creative producer living in Toronto, Canada. As an educational professional working in the museum industry, Daniel is passionate about developing meaningful and engaging educational experiences through analog gaming and archaeology. 

Follow his day-to-day at the museum, on the road, or in nature at @danielhkwan